Frankfurt – City of Bakeries

Frankfurt is a huge city by any stretch of the imagination. Comparable I think to Sydney at least, but with less skyscrapers and more bakeries. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Main train station) puts Sydney’s Central station to shame. It is so big, I’m sure it has its own postcode.

Presumably, everyone was very busy at Frankfurt station today — much too busy to avoid running into me at breakneck speeds with luggage. In any case, I managed to navigate my way out and into the snowy city.

I had with me in my hands the Germany Travel Guide, which featured a small tourist-oriented map of the city. Too bad the map started just outside of the station. I picked a street and walked along it for about 20 minutes before recognising a name from my guide. Finally, a Win!

I walked through Frankfurt, trying to look very much like a tourist, but because of the icy, icy ground, you will slip if you’re not paying attention to the snow-piles along the footpath. Yes, I nearly slipped on more than one occasion. I need to invest in grip for my shoes.

First stop — Goethehaus. If you aren’t familiar with Goethe, he was a notable German author. One of his works – Faust – is standard reading for a lot of German students. Anyway, Goethehaus was destroyed in World War Two by the Allies, who bombed the city to pieces. A lot of work was put into restoring the old building.

After Goethehaus, I wandered around the city. Even if you aren’t looking for the “tourist attractions” in Frankfurt, much of the city’s architecture is old, and the monuments and sculptures are worth investigating anyway. I stumbled across the Kaiserdom and Katharinekirche, amongst others. Like Goethehaus, the Kaiserdom was also destroyed in World War Two, and unlike Goethehaus, it actually looks and smells new. Due to this, a lot of the “old” charm was lost, although it remained very impressive on the outside nonetheless.

Despite spending only 3 hours or so in Frankfurt as a tourist, it could have easily been stretched out to twice that if I paid for the tours inside of all the “tourist” locations in town, of which I visited maybe a third.

Highlight: Seeing two wankers in bowler’s hats outside of the Kunsthalle (art hall) Cafe gushing over each other.

Real highlight: Standing in Römerberg surrounded by 15th century architecture next to the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen in the falling snow.