Kölner Dom (aka Köln Pt. 2)

There isn’t much to tell about the Kölner Dom that isn’t elsewhere on the web. Basically, it is a ~160m tall Gothic cathedral, built between the years 1248 to 1880 [yes, 600 years]. The first stones were laid down in 1248, and work stopped and started for various reasons until it’s final completion in 1880. It is quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen, owing in part to the enormity of the building. I’m sure that I heard the equivalent of “holy shit” in five languages as tourists made their way in and around the Cathedral.


You can’t stand far away enough to get the perfect picture of this building without standing in the middle of a busy street. As you walk around the building, you can just see tourists with necks craned 90° skyward, all trying to see the very tops of the intricately carved spires of the Cathedral.


I was sure that nothing could top the awe-inspiring size of the building from the outside. That is, until I walked inside. The Cathedral is effectively one huge room, with ceilings the full height of the building. Huge stained glass murals lined the walls, and religious antiquities could be found in every nook of the interior. As with all Gothic buildings, attention had been paid to even the most minor details.