Bremen – A Grimm City

Although a port-city like it’s cousin Hamburg, Bremen is actually a much nicer town. It is smaller, perhaps by half, but there were just as many things to see as Hamburg. It lacked a version of the Reeperbahn, but it did have the Stadtmusikanten (Town Musicians), a very cool statue based on a Grimm Brothers fairy-tale.

I was a little concerned about the location of my hostel on arrival – it featured a sign at the top of street that read (roughly translated): “No weapons between 8pm and 8am.” If they need to tell people not to carry weapons, I’m going to stay inside. The stay was absolutely uneventful in that regard, so I lumped the warning together with the “No Tanks” sign I saw in Hamburg.

There were a half-dozen or so streets that were old (and nice, unlike Hamburg), and also, they were worth seeing (unlike Hamburg). Think The Rocks, but throughout the whole town. It wasn’t a novelty, but it was good to be able to walk around the peaceful streets without needing to check for my wallet every five minutes. The river running through Bremen was also cleaner, but I could probably attribute that to less marine traffic.

Oh, and I was also told by hostel reception about an “Australian Pub” along the pub-strip next to the water. Out of curiosity as to what makes an “Australian Pub”, I visited it. As opposed to the Aussie pub in Dresden named “Ayers Rock”, which sold kangaroo steak, this particular pub (“Kangaroo Island”) only sold cocktails. And Foster’s. Yes, they actually think we drink that swill in Australia. Sigh.

Highlight: Relaxing in the main square in front of the Rathaus, Frauenkirche, and other Baroque buildings with a coffee while a brass-band played some cool music.