Dresden – Baroque My Socks Off

Getting to Dresden from München was possible one of two ways – a 40 minute flight from München airport, or a 6 hour train ride through Bavaria and Saxony. After discovering the price of the flight would be 500€, I opted for the train. The scenery was fairly average, as much of the featureless countryside was still covered in thick snow.

A friend showed me around the Dresden Altstadt on my late-night arrival, and I got to have a preliminary sight night-seeing tour of the Frauenkirche, Altmarkt, and Kulturpalast.

The next few days brought with it exploration of the city and a proper sight-seeing tour of Dresden. Much of it is still being rebuilt since the war, and that fact was evident by the sheer number of cranes and holes in the ground. Nevertheless, the current standing buildings that had been rebuilt were Baroque in style, which made the whole city look very nice.

As with the other cities, some of the tourist attractions had been closed for Winter (I was even flabbergasted that they had closed the Frauenkirche on one of the days). This left the number of things to see during the day quite low. Nevertheless, I had a long walking tour of the city over two days (one snowing, one bright and sunny) and got some pictures. For a city that isn’t quite up to the tourist quality of München, they charged like wounded bulls for the tourist attractions.

On a number of evenings, I visited the Dresden Neustadt, where the bulk of the interesting venues are. Everything is cheaper, seedier, and much more fun. We had a meal and wandered through the Neustadt (which, as a tourist, is not nearly as beautiful as the Altstadt), and ended up in a Shisha bar. I should note that the number of them in the area was ridiculous. It was like the Neustadt’s version of a bakery.

On my last day in Dresden, I visited the satellite towns of Heidenau and Pirna. Very, VERY quiet, and absolutely pitch black at night. I don’t remember the last time I’ve stood in such blackness outside.

Highlight: As much as I’d like to say “the view at the top of the Frauenkirche”, I can’t. Dresden looks like rubbish from the air right now thanks to the cranes. Instead, I’m going to say my nights in the Neustadt. Great fun.