Leipzig – We have Dead People

Leipzig – famous for its 600 year old University and the University’s dead Alumni.

What more can I say? There truly is not much in the way of ‘tourist’ destinations in Leipzig (I did, however, see both of them), but it makes up for the fact by being a very modern city. There was a swag of shops to look through, and the fresh-food markets were awesome. I’ve never seen so much sausage on display (and remember, I’ve been to Mardi Gras.)

On one of the days I hiked through the urban forest of Pragerstraße (5km) to the Völkerschlachtdenkmal – probably the biggest tourist attraction of the town – and I’ll be damned: scaffolded up for the Winter. I poked around the frozen lake out front before heading to the monument itself. It is deceptively large, and in climbing the steps I had to rest halfway. The lookout back across Leipzig was a little awesome, but the wind threatening to make novelty ice cubes of my eyes persuaded me to take only a quick look before going back down the stairs.

The only other tourist attraction worth photographing was the Opera house, which featured a large painting on the interior that was really only visible at night, or if you were holding an expensive ticket to be inside. Consequently, I only saw it at night. I did, however, get a (Winter) picture of the fountain out the front. Presumably much more spectacular in Summer.

On the penultimate night, I went out with some friends of mine to the TV-Club in Leipzig. Damn, even the cheap and crappy clubs are better than most of the Sydney clubs I’ve been to. I lost my nipples in the freezing cold smoker’s area (i.e. OUTSIDE), but the cheap-and-nasty Jägermeister I’d been drinking for a couple of hours beforehand prevented me from noticing until morning.

Highlight: The TV-Club. Cheap student bar with both rock and house dance floors. Great place, or greatest place?