Potsdam – Homebrand Berlin

On a spur of the moment I decided to visit Postdam, a city just outside of the border of Berlin and in the state of Brandenburg. It’s a very small city (especially coming from Berlin), and it could easily be explored in a day. My main attraction to the city was Schloss Sanssouci and the park it’s situated in.

After leaving the hotel, the weather was turning bad. Map in hand, I walked out anyway, determined to explore the tiny town and the Park. I saw Potsdam’s Brandenburger Tor (the Bi-Lo version of the Berlin Brandenburger Tor) and walked through the main square. It was nice enough, but the rain was coming down harder, and I needed to find the Park and palace.

Well, flash forward 40 minutes, and I’m standing at the bank of the Neusee, about 5km in the wrong direction from the Park, soaked by the pouring rain. I found an information board to confirm my exact location, and after shaking myself off like a German Shepherd, walked back the 5km the way I came. Once I recognised the street I needed to be on, the rain stopped and allowed the sun to start drying me off. I eventually found Park Sanssouci without a hitch after my detour.

As opposed to the Tiergarten in Berlin, there was actually life in the trees at Park Sanssouci. A major surprise was finding a running fountain with ducks. A note here: every other fountain I’d come across had been switched off due to Winter, presumably to avoid freezing. So to see ducks chilling out under a running fountain was a welcome change, and probably a good indicator that Spring had decided to show up after all.

The front of the palace is a large, stepped garden leading up to the main doorway. The view from the bottom up towards the Palace was good, but the view from the top was even better. After finding that tours were not on that day (for an unknown reason), I walked around the park for a few hours and made my way home (sans detour).