Good Greif – Greifswald

On my way to Rostock proper, I took a trip out with friends to visit the quiet town of Greifswald to the East. It’s about 800 years old or thereabouts (if you count the Monastery) and originally flourished due to the fact they had a brewery (this is Germany, after all.) The name comes from a legend of a Greif (Gryphon) living in the now non-existent forest that would eat disobedient kids who strayed too far. Such charming old stories.

We took a trip out to a small harbour, where I stood overlooking a partially frozen sea, before venturing back into the main square to have a quick look around. This isn’t a tourist city, so sights per se were limited. Nonetheless, the town was very charming.

Highlight: Wallensteinkeller Nordic restaurant (using the term loosely here) where you do as they did in the middle ages — eat with your hands, listen to “Ye Olde” style archaic German, and become fat on the awesome food and beer.