Installing ImageMagick and Little CMS on Mac OS X with Homebrew

I had a bug recently which pointed to a lack of delegate support for Little CMS inside my ImageMagick PHP install. Installing using Homebrew proved unsuccessful at first, as the defaults do not appear to support it, and most signs indicated that I was doing the right thing (curse you, internet).

I had tried:

brew install imagemagick

but this only installed a very limited set of modules and delegates. Some hours of searching and experimenting later, I stumbled upon a flag that you *only* have to use when installing via Homebrew (as opposed to compiling from source or using MacPorts).

The command that finally worked was:

brew install imagemagick --with-little-cms2

For whatever reason, the old install flag for Little CMS has been replaced by a second version, without any indication that the old one no longer works.

Hopefully this saves someone a dozen hours of searching and compiling. Homebrew is a timesaver – until it isn’t.